Welcome to ELEMENTAL, a photographic exhibition by Andrea Cordonier.

Private View:  Sunday, September 10, 2017   2:00pm – 4:00pm (by invitation  + press)

Public Exhibition:  September 11 – October 30, 2017



About Andrea Cordonier

Artist’s Statement

I shoot to express, address and possess.

Each frame contains my curiosity, physicality and knowledge, each an idea or moment in time. Together, they form stories at the intersection of people, their homes and communities and omnipresent nature, constructed, and re-constructed, in the first and third person.

I work in colour and black and white, in documentary, editorial and abstract forms, in accord with each subject. I look, first, for beauty, but delight in ordered disorder, elements of surprise, and movement in repose.  The narrative structure reveals itself through bold composition, careful juxtaposition, and select revelation, demanding a second and third look.


Artist’s Bio

A simple SLR and a high school darkroom clinched it for photographer Andrea Cordonier.  She describes the urge to create as “a beautiful beast with a will of its own.”

Cordonier pursued photography as an avocation alongside consulting, community development projects and a return to school to study construction carpentry and green building.

She studied and observed and shot and edited her growing body of work, resulting in a substantial archive of images. She moved from film to digital and back to film,  now graced with a 1957 Hasselblad gifted to her by a fellow enthusiast.

A year ago, Cordonier mounted her first solo exhibition, ELEMENTALwith the purpose of learning the ropes as a professional artist.

IF I WAKE (LMNTL No. 2), her second exhibition, opens on September 16, 2018 and explores the incomparable role of nature in creativity, mental health and a life well-lived.

More than 800 editorial images accompany her writing at Habicurious.com. The content marks a synthesis of architecture, building, design, art and culture, nature, history and the psycho-social considerations of how and where we live.

Cordonier was part of the team from the Workers History Museum that photographically catalogued the networks of industrial buildings of the E.B. Eddy site /Domtar Lands (Ottawa River, between Ottawa, ON and Gatineau, QC) prior to their redevelopment. With a focus on detail, the project took 12 months to complete.

Andrea Cordonier
A rare photo of the artist in the spotlight and not behind the camera









In 2018/2019, she looks forward to submitting to competitions, securing representation, showing in group and solo exhibitions, and identifying creative collaborations, especially those that combine photography with building/making, writing and/or community cultural development.

From Vancouver, Cordonier now lives in Burritt’s Rapids, a rural village on the Rideau River in the City of Ottawa.



Elemental, 2017

If I Wake (LMNTL No. 2), opens 16 September 2018, Giardino Gallery, Carleton Place, ON

E.B. Eddy Industrial Site, Ottawa/Gatineau, Carleton University, 2016


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Available Work

Available Work From This Exhibition

All prints produced by Dave Andrews at Digital Art & Restoration

Framing by Framed!

Please inquire for pricing

Elemental Images – Black & White (8)

Image size: 8″ x 12″     Framed: 18″ x 21.5″    Maple framing 1.25″ deep

Elemental Exhibition Andrea Cordonier
Bethesda Terrace One, NYC, 2010

See Bethesda Terrace’s Magical Minton Ceiling


Elemental Exhibition Andrea Cordonier
Lolo & the Bones, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, 2014

Alberta’s badlands are one of the most physically striking and wondrous regions in Canada. A treasure trove of dinosaur bones, rocks and minerals, humans are mere ghosts in an ancient landscape measured in millions of years.


Elemental Exhibition Andrea Cordonier
At Thirteen, Kemptville, 2015

At Thirteen is rooted in primal fairytales of loss and struggle. Her first heels, make-up, and woman-dress, she teeters away from childhood. She may turn to look back, but there’s only one way to go: onwards.


Elemental Exhibition Andrea Cordonier
Bird in a Bag, Rome, 2012

It is August and hot as Hades. Vendors line the piazza outside the Coliseum. An Asian woman makes delights out of fresh palm leaves. You choose the one you like, she pops it in a plastic bag, inflates it with a  humid breath, and ties it off with a filament of fibre. It is a wonder within a wonder.


Elemental Exhibition
Max, Kemptville, 2014

Max finds his spark on the darkest night of the year.


Elemental Exhibition Andrea Cordonier
This is What Happiness Looks Like 1 (Ice Cream), Burritt’s Rapids, 2016

After the rain has stopped and darkness has fallen, the wedding reception spills out of the community hall and into the backyard. The woman with the vintage ice cream cart dispenses itty-bitty bowls of happiness.


Elemental Exhibition Andrea Cordonier
Snowmageddon Kids, NYC, 2017

On this morning in March a foot of snow fell and Manhattan was not itself. It was possible to cross the streets without looking either way. There were dog sleds in Central Park and locals hugging  on sidewalks. A robber gave up on robbing and disappeared in a snow bank.  It was New York in muted, dreamy slow-mo.


Elemental Exhibition Andrea Cordonier
Boy & Bird, Vancouver, 2014

At Second Beach pool in Stanley Park a crow waits patiently for his turn. Out of sight on the right side of the photo is a drinking fountain. When the boy is gone, he will hop down for a sip of fresh water then return to his post.

There are additional images available in this series.

Ferry Hair Series

(1 of 4 images shown here, framed together)

Image size: 8″ x 12″     Framed: 18″ x 60.5″     Maple framing 2.25″ deep

Elemental Exhibition Andrea Cordonier
Ferry Hair 1, B.C. Ferries Nanaimo, 2014

Ferry Hair is what happens when you mix Bella, a boat and a breeze. Part living sculpture, part spontaneous madness, it’s a bit of fun that reflects the love/hate relationship we have with our hair.

Drive-By Shooting Saskatchewan

(5 images = 2 diptychs + 1)

Image 1:

Size:     12.5″ x 19.25″    Mounting:  Glass faced on aluminum frame (full bleed)

Images 2 – 5:

Size:      Diptych 1 & Diptych 2:  each is 21.75″ x 59.75″     Mounting:  Glass faced on aluminum frame

All depths are 1.75″

See Drive-By Shooting, Saskatchewan Style

Elemental Exhibition Andrea Cordonier
Windshield Wipers (Drive-By Shooting), Saskatchewan, 2014
Drive-By Shooting 1, Saskatchewan, 2014
Drive-By Shooting 2, Saskatchewan, 2014
Drive-By Shooting 3, Saskatchewan, 2014
Elemental Exhibition Andrea Cordonier
Drive-By Shooting 4, Saskatchewan, 2014

There are additional images available in this series.


Elemental Opening Day

When you attend an indoor art exhibition, the weather outside isn’t particularly critical. But when you’re serving two kinds of gelato cones to guests (as well as prosecco, tiramisu cheesecake, biscotti, lattes, espresso and Italian sodas) it’s a nice touch when it’s a brilliant warm and sunny day (it was) and they can socialize on …


Thank you for your interest in ELEMENTAL and the photographic work of Andrea Cordonier. Please get in touch if you have any questions, wish to purchase work or discuss future installations.

Andrea Cordonier

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